How to solve Email Account not working issues 2021

When you log in to your email account and see “email account not working” what are some of the first things that come to mind? You may be wondering if this is a temporary issue or whether it’s an indication that you need to find a new email provider. Don’t worry! This article will help walk you through troubleshooting tips for when your email isn’t working, so read on to learn more.

Hotmail issue 2021

6 Tips Email Account, not working issues 2021

Issue One: Account Recovery

Account recovery is one of the most common reasons for users struggling with their email accounts. This typically happens when a user has forgotten passwords or account settings.

How to fix: Changing emails addresses, security questions,s, and passwords. Resetting the password by using a recovery email. If the issue still persists after these steps are taken then customer service will be contacted if available for assistance or advice on how to recover an account from different providers like Outlook Hotmail, Gmail, etc.

Issue Two: Password Reset

Losing the password or having the wrong one is another common reason for email account issues. This can be fixed by resetting your passwords, which varies depending on the service provider used – Gmail and Outlook Hotmail have slightly different systems of doing this but it’s relatively easy to find out how after following their instructions.

How to fix: Resetting passwords by using security questions, recovery email, and entering the account’s current password. Outlook Hotmail users who have forgotten their username but can still log in with a valid email address will need to contact customer service for help on how to reset or recover an account.

Issue Three: Emails are not sending

The most common reason for emails to be blocked or having trouble is the spam filter. This can happen when an email has been marked as spam by the service provider, but it’s also possible that a user might have set up their spam filter incorrectly which will cause issues.

How to fix: Contact customer service if they are available for help, or sort out the spam filter settings.

Issue Four: Emails are not receiving

Sometimes emails can’t be received because they have been flagged as junk mail by either one of your email accounts – Gmail or Outlook Hotmail account etc., and sometimes an email will go to “junk” without you knowing it’s happened.

How to fix: Remove junk, spam and blocked emails from your inbox. Make sure you are looking at all folders for unread items – typically these will be in “all mail” or “primary”. If the issue is still persisting then contact customer service who should be able to help by sorting out settings etc., which differs depending on the email service provider you use.

Issue Five: Emails are not loading or showing up

Sometimes emails won’t be able to load, and this can happen for a number of reasons. This might because they’re being delivered slowly which is more common in Gmail accounts but it’s also possible that it could be an error on Outlook Hotmail’s part of a problem with the internet connection.

How to fix: Contact customer service if they are available for help, and wait while it is sorted out – this will happen by removing spam emails from inbox which might have caused the loading issue in Outlook Hotmail accounts, etc., but in Gmail accounts; this can be done using settings like “mark as read” or “move to archive”.

Issue Six: Emails are not arriving after being sent

This issue usually happens with Gmail accounts, and it’s because the email has been blocked by an active filter before reaching its destination. This is more likely if a sender doesn’t have any emails in their inbox but another recipient does, and it will usually be because one of the two has set up a filter to block emails from that sender.

How to fix: Contact customer service who should be able to help see if there are any active filters on your account which might have caused this issue – or change settings for how you want emails sent in Gmail accounts, etc.